A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a real-time bidding system that connects media buyers with data exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms(SSPs) through a single interface.

A DSP is a system that allows buyers of digital advertising inventory to manage multiple ad exchange and data exchange accounts through a single interface.

  • This is all kept within one interface which creates a unique opportunity for advertisers to truly control and maximize the impact of their ads.
  • DSP provides centralized media planning & buying, access to many publishers, exchanges, networks, SSPs, and etc.

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

DSP functions based on the consumer information and data that DMP offers.

Benefits Demand-Side Platform offers for the advertisers

  • Real-Time Bidding
  • Real-Time Statistics
  • Audience Targeting

You may want to know more about real-time bidding system composed of DSP, SSP, DMP, ATD and ITD.  Please refer following associated information for more information:

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    ATD(Agency Trading Desk) Architecture — ATD(Agency Trading Desk) is a kind of Advertiser solutions that uses DSP(Demand-Side Platform) as a tool. Trading desks are media buyers and re-sellers within an ad agency that help advertisers execute programmatic media buys.
    • They use either proprietary technology or a demand side platform to buy and optimize media campaigns on ad exchanges, ad networks and other inventory sources.
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    SSP(Supply-Side Platform) Architecture — SSP(Supply-Side Platform) is a kind of publisher solutions as a centralized platform to sell/manage inventory, access many advertisers, DSPs, etc.
    • SSP provides an environment for RTB(Real-Time Bidding).
    • SSP exchanges information with DSP, Ad Exchanges
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    DSP(Demand-Side Platform) Architecture — A Demand-Side Platform (DSP) is a real-time bidding system that connects media buyers with data exchanges and Supply-Side Platforms(SSPs) through a single interface.
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    ITD(Independent Trading Desk) Architecture — ITD(IndependentTrading Desk) is a kind of Advertiser solutions that uses DSP(Demand-Side Platform) as a tool.
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    False Positive Error — A false positive error, or in short a false positive, commonly called a "false alarm", is a result that indicates a given condition exists, when it does not.
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    AVOD AVOD stands for Advertising-based Video On Demand. Unlike SVOD(Subscription VOD) and TVOD(Transactional VOD), AVOD is free to consumers. However, much like broadcast television, consumers need to sit thorugh advertisements. You can see AVOD in action when watching DailyMotion, YouTube and 4OD, where ad revenue is to offset production and hosting costs.
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    DMP(Data Management Platform) Architecture — DMP(Data Management Platform) is used by digital advertising buyers and publishers to store and manage audience data, often from multiple sources.
    • Adobe identified DMP as "Data Management Platform is a tool to build customer profile for marketing activity"
    • DMP is "Data-Driven-Marketing Tool based on big-data systems"
    • DMP requires some sort of external sources like location information(Geo IP), social media, transaction, purchase and etc to build integrated data infrastructure. Its target goal will be personalized marketing.
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    Advertisement serving in AWS — Internet advertising services need to serve targeted advertising and must do so under limited time. These are just two of multiple technical challenges they face.