"dunnhumby" is a global Customer Data Science company as part of Tesco - its headquarter is based in London, UK.

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  • Time-off policy starts from 25 days (+ 7 days sick time)
  • Flexible work hours (US)

"dunnhumby" is named from the combination of Dunn and Humby

  • The company was formed by husband and wife team Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby. Humby was a University of Sheffield trained mathematician and the couple both worked at Caci. Wanting to start his own business, Humby resigned from Caci and left on the day that Dunn was dismissed. The couple started dunnhumby in 1989, in the kitchen of their Chiswick, West London home.
    • The company began working with clients, including Cable & Wireless and BMW.
    • In May 2018, dunnhumby acquired marketing and promotions management company Aptaris.

Tesco Clubcard triggered for dunnhumby to drive data science products.

  • Dunnhumby originally gained prominence for helping establish Tesco Clubcard. In 1994, Tesco, which was second in the UK retail market to Sainsbury's, wanted to create a new loyalty card. The man responsible for Tesco's trials, Grant Harrison, attended a conference where Clive Humby was speaking.
  • Harrison agreed a trial with Tesco's then marketing director Terry Leahy and, after successful trials throughout 1994, the company was asked to present their findings. The first response from the board came from Tesco's then-Chairman Lord MacLaurin, who said "What scares me about this is that you know more about my customers after three months than I know after 30 years."

dunnhumby delivers the integrated solutions for retailers and brands

  • Retail Essentials: category management, price & promotions, customer knowledge, customer engagement
  • dunnhymby media: store media, direct media, digital onsite media, digital programmatic media
  • Data Consultancy - data strategy healthcheck