LAMP means Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP that is commonly used to develop web service for Start-ups that does not require paying license fee, because all of technologies are from open source.

Following architecture diagram shows a manageable, secure, scalable, high performance, efficient, elastic, high available, fault tolerant and recoverable.

Secure and Scalable LAMP Service Architecture in AWS

Followings are the assumptions to design above

  • Service is designed for web service based on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Service architecture is based on 2-Tier architecture (Web App and Database).
  • Service needs to be scale in/out based on the traffic (no reserved/static EC2 instance exists)
  • Service health needs to be monitored in automated manner/notified to super visor (operator)
  • No scheduled task exists that requires complex computing resources (it requires more consideration in EC2 auto scaling)