In case that you need a page break between para graphs, you will need to add following HTML tags

To make it simpler, you can add above scripts as user created macro. Followings are the steps you can add it as macro on your confluence.

  1. Move to General Configuration → User Macros → Create a User Macro
  2. ill the content as following



    Macro namepagebreak
    VisibilityVisible to all users in the Macro Browser
    Macro Titlepagebreak
    DescriptionGives page break upon PDF export
    CategoriesConfluence Content
    Icon URLYou can leave this field blank
    Documentation URLYou can leave this field blank
    Macro body processingNo macro body

    Enter the code below in the template field.

    ## @noparams
    <div style="page-break-before:always;"></div>

  3. Click Save
  4. Edit your content and type as following


    you will see following popup 

  5. Once everything is okay, you will see following macro on the content