Like I posted on Install SSH on Windows 10, Windows 10 supports OpenSSH server from RTM4 (or maybe RTM3), so that is easy to install/start SSH service easily.

On Windows 7, you can make the same environment by following steps.

STEP 1. Downloading OpenSSH at

STEP 2. Copy binaries to c:\windows\system32\OpenSSH

STEP 3. Run Powershell in Administrator permission

STEP 4. Change directory to c:\windows\system32\OpenSSH


STEP 5. Install ssh-agent and sshd (the daemon)

powershell -executionpolicy bypass -file install-sshd.ps1

STEP 6. Set up the ssh host keys that are required by the daemon when it starts:

mkdir \ProgramData\ssh
.\ssh-keygen.exe -A

STEP 7. Configure your firewall by searching "Windows Firewall" and run "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security"

And allow "sshd.exe" and "ssh-agent.exe" 

STEP 8. Set Automatic Start

Set-Service sshd -StartupType Automatic
Set-Service ssh-agent -StartupType Automatic