cru enables you to check/add/delete cron job on your Asuswrt Merline Wifi Router. Because Asuswrt does not save all the cron job by the limited storage, you should add cron job at /jfss/scripts/init-start, so the cronjob will be done as designed.

Basic functions of cron job in Asuswrt Merlin Wifi Router

Add a new cron job

cru a {id} min hour day moth week command


  • id – Unique ID for each cron job
  • min – Minute (0-59)
  • hour – Hours (0-23)
  • day – Day (0-31)
  • month – Month (0-12 [12 is December])
  • week – Day of the week(0-7 [7 or 0 is Sunday])
  • command – Script or command name to schedule.

List cron jobs

cru l

Delete cron job

cru d {id}

Example of Cron Job

Let us add cron job on Asuswrt Merlin Wifi router to ping gateway every 1 hour, run:

cru a pinggw "0 * * * * /bin/ping -c 10 -q"

Above cron job will run /bin/ping command that sends only 10 pings and only display output at start.
To list current jobs run:

cru l

To delete current jobs run:

cru d pinggw

Verify it:

cru l

Create/Edit a script called services-start

Type the following command

vi /jffs/scripts/init-start

And add your command like below. Below is the case to update DNS every 10mins

cru a ddns "*/10 * * * * /usr/sbin/wget -O /dev/null '<your_id>&auth=<your_auth>&domain=<your_domain>&record=<your_record>'"

Reboot Asuswrt every 12 hours

cru a reboot12 "0 */12 * * * /sbin/reboot"

Reboot Asuswrt at 5:30 AM

cru a reboot0530 "30 5 * * * /sbin/reboot"

To enable boot time support for /jffs/scripts/, you should check following options: