PHP provides super easy feature can put a function as a part of function parameter. You can just put it like function exampleMethod( $customFunc).

In order to do it, the function must be coded like a variable as below:

$myFunc = function( $param1, $param2)
	your logic...


Note that the function variable must be declared like a normal variable, and its functional code must be ended by semicolon.

Below is an example


function test( $customFunc, $a, $b)
    return $customFunc( $a, $b);

$custMul = function($a, $b)
        return ($a*$b);

$custDiv = function($a, $b)
        return ($a/$b);

echo test( $custMul, 4, 2) . "\n";
echo test( $custDiv, 4, 2) . "\n";