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YI Home Clip Merger is developed to have merged files from the fragmented captured video files in micro SD card. The model I use is as following:


I needed to have recorded video files from my YI CCTV installed home, but I faced all the files are fragmented and not easy to pick/merge the necessary files. I tried to find solutions on internet, but I haven't found good solution yet. I just developed a simple application can merge(concatenate) files based on the aligned time, and save that merged files to the target directory.

When you see the folders on the micro SD card, you will see the directory structure like below - the directory name is combination of Year, Month, Day and Hour.

When you click the directory, you will see the fragmented recorded videos like below - A SD card with low performance also causes video being divided. 

The idea to merge from the fragmented files is to group continuous files based on the recorded video and the group will be like below:

In my case, the total number of files originally stored in the micro SD card was 9,855 files, but that number is now decreased to 980 files - that number may different by the cases. However now I am able to see the necessary video clips easily.

How to use?

Unzip the compressed files to your computer; then you can see following files

Run to see following application on your windows machine. Unfortunately, this software does not support Mac at the moment.

Followings are the procedures

  • Select folders containing video folders by click 1) above
  • Set target Timezone - basically the default value of that timezone is Korea
  • Set target directory by click 3) above
  • Run to start merging (concatenating) files

Where to download?

Please download the zipped file at

Source code at

Release History

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Initial version released.

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