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sudo -u postgres psql -c 'create database newid;'

If you want to encode in UTF8, you need to change teamplate0 in UTF8 first

sudo -u postgres psql
update pg_database set datallowconn = TRUE where datname = 'template0';
\c template0
update pg_database set datistemplate = FALSE where datname = 'template1';
drop database template1;
create database template1 with template = template0 encoding = 'UTF8';
update pg_database set datistemplate = TRUE where datname = 'template1';
\c template1
update pg_database set datallowconn = FALSE where datname = 'template0';
sudo -u postgres psql -c "create database newid with encoding='utf8' template=template0;"
 OWNER =  role_name
 TEMPLATE = template
 ENCODING = encoding
 LC_COLLATE = collate
 LC_CTYPE = ctype
 TABLESPACE = tablespace_name
 CONNECTION LIMIT = max_concurrent_connection

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