When we need accessing remote server to develop software on Microsoft Visual Studio Code, SSH FS is really useful as far as I experienced, so you can manage files remotely just like your local hard disk. If you are in collaborative development using GitHub or BitBucket, you should not try this method, because you may able to spoil someone's source code that you haven't aware.

Followings are the simple steps

STEP 1. Menu → View → Command Palette → Type "install" and select "Extensions: Install Extensions"

STEP 2. type "SSH FS" and install "SSH FS"

STEP 3. Click "Reload to activate"

STEP 4. Click mouse right on "SSH FILE SYSTEMS" on bottom left → Click "Create a SSH FS configuration"

STEP 5. Put your connection name on upper side. In my case, I just put server address

STEP 6. Put connection information

Once you save the all the necessary information, you will see below notice.

Please "Connect" to finalize all the necessary things, and you will see your files on left panel