When we need accessing remote server to develop software on Microsoft Visual Studio Code, 'Remote - SSH' is really useful as far as I experienced, so you can manage files remotely just like your local hard disk. One of the benefit compared to other SSH plugins is 'Remote - SSH' checks if there is any change in the file or not, so you can avoid mistake to overwrite to the latest code.

Followings are the simple steps

STEP 1. Menu → View → Command Palette → Type "install" and select "Extensions: Install Extensions"

STEP 2. type "Remote - SSH" and install it

STEP 3. Setup Host

Click  located on bottom left → Select "Remote - SSH: Connect to Host..."

 → "Add New SSH Host..." → type host information like below

STEP 4. Connect to the server

Click  on bottom left → Select "Remote - SSH: Connect to Host..." → Select the host you created → Click Explorer () → Open Folder

If everything is okay, you can see whole files as well as directories like below:

Enjoy your coding~