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cru enables you to check/add/delete cron job on your Asuswrt Merline Wifi Router. Below shows how to add cron job on your Asuswrt Merlin Wifi Router.

Basic functions of cron job in Asuswrt Merlin Wifi Router

Add a new cron job

cru a {id} min hour day moth week command


  • id – Unique ID for each cron job
  • min – Minute (0-59)
  • hour – Hours (0-23)
  • day – Day (0-31)
  • month – Month (0-12 [12 is December])
  • week – Day of the week(0-7 [7 or 0 is Sunday])
  • command – Script or command name to schedule.

List cron jobs

cru l

Delete cron job

cru d {id}

Example of Cron Job

Let us add cron job on Asuswrt Merlin Wifi router to ping gateway every 1 hour, run:

cru a pinggw "0 * * * * /bin/ping -c 10 -q"

Above cron job will run /bin/ping command that sends only 10 pings and only display output at start.
To list current jobs run:

cru l

To delete current jobs run:

cru d pinggw

Verify it:

cru l

Create/Edit a script called services-start

Type the following command

vi /jffs/scripts/services-start

And add your command like below. Below is the case to update DNS every 10mins

cru a ddns "*/10 * * * * /usr/sbin/wget -O /dev/null '<your_id>&auth=<your_auth>&domain=<your_domain>&record=<your_record>'"

Reboot Asuswrt every 12 hours

cru a reboot12 "0 */12 * * * /sbin/reboot"

Reboot Asuswrt at 5:30 AM

cru a reboot0530 "30 5 * * * /sbin/reboot"

To enable boot time support for /jffs/scripts/, you should check following options: